Our Services

Our Services

From ingredient sourcing to turnkey manufacturing solutions, let’s get started today.


Unlike other suppliers who are limited by their product lists, one of Thera-Plantes’ strengths is its our team of sourcing experts whose only job is to source the exact materials and the exact specifications that our customers are seeking.

Blanket Orders/Global Purchase Orders

Let us help you reduce your supply challenges by setting up Blanket Purchase Orders for your ongoing needs. We will maintain reserved stock of the ingredients that you use regularly at a predetermined price. Stock is available for just-in-time delivery as per your requirements, all of which at a fixed price. You are only invoiced and pay for goods as you take delivery. Say goodbye to storage issues and uncertain pricing and supply.


Thera-Plantes proudly represents several overseas manufacturers of high-quality and specialty ingredients. We will facilitate communication and provide all of the necessary information and documentation that our clients demand, allowing you to avoid the challenges that come with language barriers and time differences.

Integrated Solutions

Streamline your product development and manufacturing processes by leveraging our extensive contacts within the natural product industry. We can refer you to a variety of experienced professionals within our network in such areas as:

Services include:

  1. Formulation and consulting
  2. Natural Product Number (NPN) applications and amendments to Health Canada
  3. Quality control
  4. Custom manufacturing, packaging and labelling
  5. Warehousing and fulfilment

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